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Posted on October 26th, 2012 by Robert

Halloween pumpkin anchorI have never been the impulsive type. Straight out of high school, my life has been spent going from one stable job to another, one relatively stable relationship to another. There is something great to be said about that, but I’ve always been jealous of friends that have spent real time traveling. Those people who made sure to take a month off in between jobs and school to just go where the wind would take them.

If there was ever a point in my life to pack my bags and get on a bike, it is right now.

I was asked if I wanted to tag along on a bicycle related brewery tour in Belgium. I’d be lying if I said there was no hesitation. I have a new job where I’m just getting on my feet (and very little vacation time built up). I’ve got almost no savings to speak of right now outside of my 401k. On top of everything else, I barely knew half of the people I was going to (potentially) travel with.

The right people stepped in to give me the kick in the ass though. Tickets are booked and the trip is coming up extremely fast. Like next week fast…

This trip should be nothing if not an adventure. There are four of us guys riding our bikes between the seven Trappist monasteries. One lovely lady is driving a support van along the route. She’s going to have to deal with a whole lot of stink. Apologies in advance to her.

Here is a rough bike related itinerary so far:

  • Friday – Nov 2nd – 46.7 miles
    Rochefort to Orval
  • Saturday – Nov 3rd – 67.4 miles
    Orval to Chimay
  • Sunday – Nov 4th – 137 miles
    Chimay to Westvleteren
  • Monday – Nov 5th – 38.8 miles
    Westvleteren to Ghent
  • Tuesday – Nov 6th – 18.3 miles
    Ghent to Westmall
  • Wednesday – Nov 7th – 36.8 miles
    Westmall to Koningshoeven
  • Thursday – Nov 8th – 35 miles
    Koningshoeven to Achel
  •  Friday – Nov 9th
    Return van to Airport
  •  Saturday – Nov 10th
    Cantillion Open Brew Day (in Brussels)
On top of all of that, there are about 5 UCI (professional level) cyclocross races going on while we are in the country. Getting to at least one seems like a given at this point.
I think I just did something impulsive… again.


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