Jennifer Marcaccini


The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout…

(Alternately touch thumb of one hand to index finger of the other, moving upwards.)

To ask the universe what life’s all about –

(Hold both hands in the air and sway left to right to left to right)

The sun and the stars said, life is really great!

(Touch hands over head to create semicircle of sun and then open and close hands for sparkling stars)

So the itsy bitsy spider went home to MEDITATE.

(Alternatively touch thumb of one hand to index finger of the other, moving downwards, ending in meditation pose of your choosing.)

This adaptation of the Itsy Bitsy Spider nursery rhyme was shared by Golden Bridge yoga teacher Jennifer Marcaccini, who specializes in kundalini, hatha, mommy and me as well as prenatal yoga.  Jennifer and her family inspire others through their mindful lifestyle, which encompasses yoga practice and daily meditation.

Note by Bunnyhawk:  the Spider Spirit Animal

Common meanings of the spider spirit animal totem are:  patience, receptivity, feminine energy, creativity, weaver of life’s fate.

In ancient Egypt, spider was linked with goddess Neith (because of one of her traits as spinner and weaver of destiny).

The Cherokee American Indians believe this “sacred weaver” existed in the original womb void of time’s beginning – and that she spun her web while singing the world into creation.

For the Greeks, the spider was “divine mother” and also one of the totem creatures to Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom.  Spider (along with the owl) represented deep knowledge and the understanding of life.


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