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Paula Mallis is a doula, yoga instructor, facilitator of women’s circles and gatherings in the Los Angeles area, and co-founder of The Birth Stories.  Here she conveys lessons in awareness and flow, memories in nature with childhood horse, her love for all experiences of “birth”…  much gratitude to this lovely soul for sharing.

bunnyhawk >>  Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

PM >>  I am originally from a small town in North Carolina and grew up on a farm with my parents and three younger brothers.  I moved to Los Angeles in 2000 and lived between LA and NYC since 2002.  I now live with my daughter and husband in Venice, CA.

bunnyhawk >>  Where do you find inspiration?

PM >>  I am inspired by the women in my life, my daughter and husband.  I am surrounded by a community of women that I am always in awe of their willingness to evolve in consciousness and be open to new ways of being.

bunnyhawk >>  Tell us about the birth stories?

PM >>  I along with two other doulas started The Birth Stories in December 2013.  It is an amazing gathering where pregnant women and mothers come and share their birth stories and experiences of their journey into motherhood.  The most memorable one I would say is when we felt called to hold a circle gathering for “Loss” – giving women the space to share their stories around loss was a powerful way to be of service to our community and these women who so deeply had a story to tell.  It was an evening filled with transformation and healing.

bunnyhawk >>  How do you prefer to have life flow?  Some of your values and boundaries that you set regularly?

PM >>  I am all about living in the flow.  If I am not in the flow, I am suffering.  Whatever comes forward in life that disturbs my peace is an opportunity for me to grow, transform and heal.  As I take responsibility for my part and to be willing to let go of my own judgements toward myself and others, I get to choose to return to Love.

bunnyhawk >>  How has your notion of caregiving evolved in the past decade and what has been the most important lesson?

PM >>  As a caregiver – aka healer – I would say the biggest lesson for me is the awareness that I have within is to fill up my cup first so I can be of service to others.  Over the past decade what I have experienced in people is a yearning for more peace and spirituality in their lives.  With clients what I have noticed is a calling to go deeper into the opportunities for growth and healing that the journey of pregnancy can bring to a woman and family.

bunnyhawk >>  Do you have a favorite memory from nature?

PM >>  Growing up on a farm, my fondest memories would be riding my horse Duke. The memories of autumn, the leaves changing and a cool brisk in the air.  As a child, I never felt alone with my horse and being in the beauty of nature.

bunnyhawk >>  What is your typical weekend like?

PM >>  Weekends are for family.  Our weekdays are filled with work and school so my husband and I make a conscious effort to make the weekends time for the three of us. Farmers market runs, day at the beach or being together at home.

bunnyhawk >>  Are there favorite ways in which you nurture your inner child?

PM >>  I love connecting with my inner child.  It has been a practice I have had for the past six years.  Random dance parties at the house, singing out loud like I just don’t care or just allowing her to have a voice!  She has a lot to say and needs a lot of attention and acknowledgment.

bunnyhawk >>  A key lesson you’ve been granted from an old soul?

PM >>  My grandmother use to always say, “Darling, never take any wooden nickels.”

bunnyhawk >>  How did you get into doula work?

PM >>  Doula work became my calling after my pregnancy and birth of Madeleine.  Being pregnant with Madeleine and birthing her changed me forever.  I had a Doula at my birth and afterwards I thought if I could ever pass on what was given to me during those challenging and dark moments, to another woman, it would be my honor.  So I got hooked after the first birth I attended.  I love everything about “birth” – birthing a human, a creative project, a relationship or a new vision of your Self.  Birthing anything is a powerful process.  It is an honor to hold space and facilitate someone who is on the journey of birthing.

bunnyhawk >>  If you had to write a script for a movie trailer about your life, your essence, what would that be?

PM >>  The movie trailer for my life would be content filled with imagery that represents my journey from darkness into the Light.

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