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"Shaman" by artist Tyler Bennett

“Shaman” by artist Tyler Bennett


Jennifer Ching Lopez, aka “the healed healer” is what you might call a Shaman+ (gal’s got an impressive wheelhouse of offerings!) – and says she oscillates from “being very deep and wise to very silly and funny!”  Her hobbies?  “I don’t really have time for them right now – I spend the bulk of my days helping others find out who they are, what their purpose is, how to heal and have sustainable happiness/joy, and how to become their most authentic selves.”  Intensely passionate about teaching others to raise their vibration, she hopes we can all lift the collective consciousness and create sustainable peace around the world.  Jennifer uses astral projection to understand humanity better, and writes about it here.

Astral projection is an amazing way of connecting to source energy.  And when you hook up with this energy, you tap into an unlimited supply of inspiration, intuition and connectedness to all that there is and all that you will ever be.  You can travel to far off countries or hover over your loved ones to gain more insight and reach deeper levels of love.  Through my personal astral consciousness, I have healed my own body, enriched my meditation practice, and received in depth insight into my now, my past and my future.  I can see into others’ beings and help understand where the creation of disease is coming from.  I receive information on how to heal.  It’s an abundant experience with gifts that appear to be unending.

Astral projection is an out of body experience.  We’re exposed to small tastes of the astral plane when we dream, fantasize, have near death experiences, hallucinate, use our imagination and visualize.  We have many bodies that are connected as one:  a “mental body”, an “intelligent soul” and the “astral soul”.  The astral body connects with your mind, emotions and soul.  Through understanding how to astral project, we can leave our physical bodies and “jump” into that other plane to go into astral consciousness.  And when we reach this higher state, we can learn how to release fear, discover a hypnotic state, enter into a higher vibrational frequency, and explore the astral plane (which is literally anything you want it to be).  There we learn that we are all connected to our physical bodies with a silver cord, and how to return.

I’m not quite sure when I began to astral project?  I have memories that are probably similar to others’, from when I was a child.  Feeling as if I was flying and then suddenly “falling” back into my bed (when my soul came back to my physical body).  I don’t have many other memories from earlier astral projecting.  However, about two years ago I met my twin flame.  As our relationship began to blossom, we visited each other through astral projection.  He lives all the way in New Zealand and I live in New York.  Our connection heightened, and our experiences in connecting with each other were extraordinary!  We actually felt each other’s touch and always left something to notify the other that we had visited.  We also began using telepathy with each other.  Upon activating certain gifts within, you can begin to rapidly grow, heal and expand your consciousness.  You start to understand things that you’ve never heard of or read before – you tap into source energy.

My abilities to “jump” into astral projection any time that I want was greatly reinforced one day, in meditation.  I felt an urge to give myself a Reiki healing, as I was meditating.  And what happened as I began, was so profoundly beautiful!  I awakened my Kundalini, which then kindled an activation of many more abilities.  During that experience, I saw magnificent light and experienced deep healing that went from my root all the way to my crown chakra.  I reached enlightenment.  And then there… I was saddened to find it was fleeting.  I had a week of being in astral and received many messages from spirit.  It was a pivotal time for me:  I’d always kept most of my metaphysical experiences to myself, for fear of judgement and abandonment from the ones I cherish most.  However, after such experiences, I realized that I no longer could remain silent about what we can achieve – if we believe, surrender and stay in a state of deep gratitude.

I’d like to share one of my most healing experiences within astral projection.  One of my dear friends gives a global Reiki healing every other Sunday.  Within moments of connecting with his beautiful energy, I jumped into astral.  I had really been struggling with how much to write and share about my abilities as a shaman, reiki master, angel/child/animal whisperer, spiritual teacher, and intuitive empath within my writing and within my birth family.  So shortly after connecting with his healing energy, I knew that I was both in astral, and no longer the self that I am in this lifetime…

I looked down at my feet and noticed that I was wearing moccasins.  I could see dust picking up, as I walked heavier in my steps.  I raised my eyes up my legs and throughout my body and realized that I was a Native American man.  I walked into what appeared to be a teepee and it was filled with many people, sitting on the ground.  I smelled smoke and felt the heat radiating from a fire in the center, and from all of the people.  As I sat down in my spot…  I knew it was a place of honor.  I felt everyone looking at me and waiting for my insight.  I was both the chief and the medicine man.  And I had so much healing information to share.  This particular experience in the astral helped me to see that I’ve always been a healer, a leader and someone that travels through space and time, to bring back valuable information about love, compassion and spirit to all.  I now spend about fifty percent of my life in the astral.  I use this ability to “jump” into other people’s beings, to see how I can show them their own light.

There is absolutely nothing to fear.

Everything is about love.

We are love.

"Astral Visions" by artist Tyler Bennett

“Astral Visions” by artist Tyler Bennett


Here is a short Q&A with Jennifer Ching Lopez.

What inspires you?  Everything!  Truly!  I actually wrote about a cricket and her little babies.  Everything inspires me because I have “tapped into source energy”.  I am inspired by my child, all of nature – trees, animals, the ocean, the mountains, etc – all of humanity, art, music, love, quantum physics, spirituality, buddhism, shamanism, angels, clouds, water, beauty, laughter, joy, even sadness.  Everything and anything is all part of who we are…  and so, I am constantly inspired!

A favorite memory from nature?  I have always been highly in-tune with all of nature.  I think my favorite one is right before I awakened my Kundalini.  I was outside, being very mindful of how wonderful and beautiful all of nature and our world is.  And I was speaking and listening to Spirit.  When I felt something climbing up my leg, I looked down and it was a snake.  I knew then that I had reached a very high vibration, because I wasn’t afraid.  I said, “well hello, little one how are you?”  And his little face raised up and looked at me.  We locked eyes.  I felt such intense love for this little being.  I said, “thank you so much for trusting me enough to climb up my leg.  However, I must apologize – you cannot be on my body.”  I waited a little while and he wasn’t moving.  So I picked him up and gently placed him on the ground.  He slithered away – but before he did, he looked up at me and I could feel her/his love.  It was such a beautiful moment.  I’ll never forget it!

Can you describe a vivid astral journey of self realization?  Ten or so years ago, I went on a vision quest to Sedona.  On my last day there, I met with a healer who taught me how to astral project.  I couldn’t believe that I was able to “lift off”, being that it was the first time ever exposed to the concept.  And boy did I ever lift off!  While working with the healer in Sedona, I entered what felt like a spiral downwards.  On each level, I met with a person that I still held pain with.  (A lesson will keep recycling through relationships, until you really are ready to learn the lesson.)  And so, I had one abusive relationship after another.  When I came upon each person, their whole lives flickered in front of me, and I witnessed their abuse as children.  My heart was filled with unconditional love and forgiveness.

What spirit animals do you work with?  I’ve had many spirit animal guides.  Deer, eagle, hawk, wolf, dolphin, dog, cat…  I think because I’m an empath, my chakras are wide open to the gentle world of animals.

If you were to offer someone who was looking for solace and peace a mantra or prayer to say while meditating, what might those be?  Well an easy, quick one that I share with everyone and do myself is:

Inhale slowly, thinking “let go”

Exhale, thinking, “let God/universe/divine source/universal consciousness/great spirit.”

Inhale thinking, “relax.”

Exhale thinking, “release.”

Inhale thinking:  “I am at peace.”

Exhale think, “I surrender.”

Lots of people have difficulty surrendering their problems.  But by letting them go to a higher power, we realize we are never alone and that we are safe.  We can all connect to universal consciousness and unconditional love.  There is so much love in our world.  By connecting to it, we link to all that is and raise our vibrational frequency… creating beautiful lives.

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