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Dan’yell Powell



On this “black Friday” where thousands infamously campout on retailers’ concrete doorsteps – we at Bunnyhawk celebrate the joys that money can’t, and buy into nature.

Here is a photo essay by Dan’yell Powell of Vallejo, CA, who says she discovered a love for imagery once she gave up searching for something she was good at about a year and a half ago (we think she found it!)  “I love imagery because it reminds me of how beautiful life is…  and I love that my camera can catch the beauty that I wish I could put into words… but it never comes out right.  There are so many things in life that I enjoy, but my most favorites of all are the little things like my morning coffee talks with mom, long drives, being in nature, the first sip of coffee…  catching a sunrise or sunset, and veg’ing out to music for hours…  I also love wine tasting, hugs and laughter.”  Dan’yell’s favorite memory from nature is when she was a young girl scout at Camp Sugar Pine – they trained with horses,  went gold mining and crystal grotto exploring… swam with fishes in caves…  Those special early moments helped her to develop a zest for life and love of nature – “it helped open my eyes to all things beautiful” – though she didn’t yet realize the profound imprint it had.

Dan’yell is an imagery specialist – “my camera is my canvas and my eyes are the brush strokes with a story to tell.”  Enjoy the world through her lens.

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