Brennan Stasiewicz


Brennan Stasiewicz is a Brooklyn and Stockholm based filmmaker who has made numerous short films that profile an eclectic mix of personalities, ranging from Daphne Guinness, to the Mast Brothers, to Dick and Rick Hoyt. 


“A Beholden Purpose” features the art and work of painter Brad Kunkle. The film explores Kunkle’s use of positive, female symbolism, the importance of finding and cherishing those symbols, and a woman finding personal empowerment through her own exploration.


“I have been energized by the emergence of women at the forefront of powerful commercial and non-commercial messages. I wondered how I could contribute to this momentum and celebration. I want to show the inspirational empowerment that women can give to not only other women, but to all of us. And in meeting Brad we found that common desire. I hope this film conveys that desire.”

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