Poet Carolyn Hill-Bjerke




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Paris Stairwell 2013, courtesy R. Razzall



Poet Carolyn Hill-Bjerke has her book, “Things I Don’t Want to Talk About”, coming out in early 2016.  She has read at the 92nd Street Y and participates annually in the Dante’s Inferno reading at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine.  Often her spirit guides show her the poems along the New York City streets where she lives with her husband and three children.  Carolyn works as an agent in the film/advertising business.




I went up to the heavens

and found a piece of my soul unarchived,

hiding in a pile of severed feathers.


Once I saw myself, this shard of soul

raised its infant head from the feathers

and looked out past the void of myself.


The piece of my soul then leapt

from the nest of dead limbs while

the Archangel Michael awaited my approach.


A line of angels on the right were totally white.

A line of angels on the left were totally black.

The new part of my soul, now retrieved, walked with Michael—


And after he escorted this virgin piece of myself

past the messengers—some known, some unknown—

it dove into the skin of my old soul and blew it apart—


so that pieces of myself scattered

then gathered with the beauty of a stained

glass window which illuminates light in shadows.

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